Comme des Garçons


Comme des Garçons

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Because homeland is one of the magical fantasy words like unicorn and soul and infinity that have now passed into the language. And the particular magic of homeland, its particular spell over Irie, was that it sounded like a beginning. The beginningest of beginnings. Like the first morning of Eden and the day after apocalypse. A blank page.

Zadie SmithWhite Teeth (p.332)

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It’s called a heart, Ueda Katsuhiko and Monica Reigner photographed by Takay for i-D magazine no. 247 September 2004

It’s called a heart, Ueda Katsuhiko and Monica Reigner photographed by Takay for i-D magazine no. 247 September 2004

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i find your voice, insight, opinions and the like therapeutic. i get excited whenever i see a text post from you. is this your only forum online? do you have another blogs or something of the sort that could be a treat for someone who admires your mind? i hope this doesn't come off too forward or invasive, i just admire and respect you so much, i learn a lot from your posts and wish there were more i could see!

thank you this is a bit overwhelming in a good way. its reassuring

yeah this is my only blog for now. i tried keeping up a wordpress for articulating my own thoughts on politics/identity/theory but it only really made me realise how much i don’t know. i think im going through a lot of internal change and processing right now so ive been extra shy on some fronts lately

i write a lot for myself though. one day i might make myself vulnerable and start writing publicly again

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my abuela is just

Honestly beautiful and she is affirming and warm and taught me how to make gallo pinto today and we bonded over apple cider vinegar and hating the IMF and UN

i generally feel as though the things people compliment other people on are always the strengths they have as well honestly

cute recognises cute, kind recognises kind

(i mean good compliments. good compliments are either a) complimenting someone on something they put effort into which is like a form of recognition or sharing of taste, or b) complimenting someone on something that they have no choice over and have to accept in some way or another, which helps with self-acceptance, or c) complimenting someone on something they already perceive as one of their given strengths so long as they’re not narcissistic about it, which is just general appreciation/positive reinforcement i.e. “you have amazing eyebrows! cool!” i don’t like compliments which imply superiority. or compliments that are too generalised and give off the impression that someone’s trying to flatter you without paying attention. until you really know the person, and then “you’re cute” just becomes a sign of affection rather than a qualifying statement)